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                     Seficka was successfully launched on 2016 for its public on its website Her intention is to entertain her customers by live music streaming on her website, and she has created an exclusive platform for music artist, songwriters, and music directors. She is one of most wanted & best website to link peoples and music artists. She encourages and promotes her supportive artists to extended level by promotions and advertising on digital marketing areas. She is more interested in appreciating and welcomes new artists to its platform. Seficka has the high quality of MP3 songs with various seasonal and relevant fields. She is close to her customers and artists and behaves like a watchdog in the music world. In this modern world everyone is engaged with some form of activity with stressed, restless, un-updated and even to relax they need to pay off or need to work for it. So, to overcome all these factors, seficka was introduced on the web. She will be helpful and make her customers to chill-out throughout out lifetime with updated latest collections of Music from the world. Even on web, she uses advanced algorithmic method for live music streaming and in wich will occupy very fewer data. So, the customers will be benefited by it. Seficka is instant and smart to access for the whole music world. So, Visit

Hi, I am Dhanasekar, Who is learning digital marketing at sketch career, the founder of seficka website. In sketch career, I have practiced Digital Marketing by using my blogs. They guided me to build a website and its I have created this site successfully within 15Hrs and started to post weekly thrice at least. So, Give a try to website and follow & share it. Seficka is about entertaining peoples by live streaming of songs in the web. It is the easy, quick and open source for its customers to access. People can access from any co-ordinates of the world, and it gives best & well qualities of music in it. Seficka was created for the public to make public one touch to link with live streaming of music. She has a variety of music and songs collections from the various artist by supporting them in web and by social media. The reason for building seficka is to give lucky entertain peoples in an easy way by just one click to playlist. To react entertainment, it shouldn't be harder. Thank you sketch career for providing this opportunity and audience can link with it by