seo interview question prepared by digital marketing course students

Seo interview Question Prepared By Digital Marketing Course Students

SEO interview questions by Digital Marketing Trainess


 1. What You Know About Seo?

Answer: It is the process of getting traffic from free listing on the search engine like

• Google

• Yahoo

• Bing

 2. How to Get Top Position in Seo?

Answer: With the help of two factors we get top position in Search Engine.



 3. What Do You Know About On Page Optimization?

Answer: Where we need to work on On page of our site and we can make changes on title tag, meta tag, site structure and site content, links, and keyword. And On page optimization, we need to work also on logical factors.

 4. What Do You Know About Off-Page Optimization?

Answer: Off-page optimization means we can work on important factors like directory submission, link building, social media and fresh content. And Off-page optimization we don't need to work on logical abilities.

 5. Do You Know About Latest Update In Seo?

Answer: Yes Sir I know about the latest updates in SEO

• Panda

• penguin

6. What Is The Latest Panda Update?

Answer: The Panda is for improve the search result in Google. The latest panda version is 2.5.3. All the focus was transformed on the user and now quality content, proper design, proper speed, proper use of images and videos, content to ad ratio all mattered more after the Panda update.

 7. What Do You Know About Latest Update In Penguin?

Answer: In the September 5 the Google penguin 3 has updated. Mutt cuts says it is the new data refresh. 0.3% English language has affected. Penguin is the code name of the Google algorithm. It is first arrived the April 24 2012. Its goal is decreasing the ranking of the website that violate the Google Webmaster guidelines. This guidelines are violated by using black gnat SEO techniques like keyword stuffing, cloaking etc. Lots of duplicate sites are affected by this update. When it first arrived 3.1% search query has affected. But now only 0.3% has affected. Still it is very much dangerous for the SEO. I think best technique is that only directory submission can help you. It can overcome some damage of your site. But after all it’s very bad news for the world of SEO

 8. Who Is Matt Cuts?

Answer: Matt cut is the head of Google web spam team.

 9. What Is Keyword Stemming?

Answer: keyword stemming is the process of finding out the root word from the search query.

 10. What Is Keyword Density?

Answer: Keyword density make your content stand out in crowd.

           Here is important formula of keyword density =

• Total no of keyword *100

• Total no of words in your article

 11. What Are Web Master Tools?

Answer: Webmaster tools is free service by Google where we can check all the details like indexing data, daily user, stats ,search query, CTR and XML sitemap.

 12. Which Important Factors Makes On Page Optimization Better?

Answer: In On Page Optimization there are some important factors like

• Title Tag

• Meta tag

• Keyword

• Sitemap

• Images

• Internal linking

• Bread crimp.

 13. Which Important Factors Makes Off Page Optimization Better?

Answer: In Off Page Optimization there are some important factors like

• Directory Submission

• Article Submission

• Press Release

• Blog Writing/posting/creation

• Classified Submission

• Social Media

 14. What Is Google Sandbox?

Answer: Google sandbox is an imaginary area where less authoritative and new sites taking place while they are popular and authorized on the web.

 15. What Is LSI?

Answer: LSI stands for latent semantic indexing. It is data retrieval technique.

16. How Many Characters Limits In Title Tag?

Answer: In title tag approx. 70 characters we can add.

<Title>primary keyword (70 char)</title>

 17. How Many Types Of Meta Tags And Their Characters Limits?

Answer: Two types Meta tags in Seo

Description Meta tag (150 characters limits)

Keyword Meta tag (200 characters limits)

18. What Seo Tools Do You Use?

Answer: Google webmaster tools, Google analytic, keyword research, Alexa, open site explorer.

19. How Many Seo Techniques Do You Know?


• Black hat seo

• White hat seo

• Gary hat seo

 20. What Is Black Hat Seo? And How Many Techniques Used In It?

Answer: Black hat seo is technique in which we use duplicate issues like content, photos, video, hidden links, keyword stuffing doorway pages and many other. It is not good for our site because when Google starts its crawling it considered the site is full of duplicate issues and he penalized the site minimum +30 Google page ranking

Black hat techniques

• Hidden link

• Keyword stuffing

• Doorway pages

• Incorrect keyword

• Link farming

• Mirror side 

Webmaster Questions & Answer 

1. What You Can Do With A Word Processor As Webmaster?

Answer :It can convert your document into a web page so that it can be displayed like a normal web page in a browser. You can create links that point to other websites or other pages on your own website.

2. What Are The Responsibilities Of Webmaster?

Answer :A person responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining a website or websites. It is the webmaster's responsibility to troubleshoot and find the underlying problem. Once the problem is found, the webmaster fixes the problem and ensures that every aspect is once again working properly.

3. What Is Web Design?

Answer :Webmasters can also be specialists in web design. They can design an appealing visual appearance for your website that suits your potential customers. They focus on building a website that is not just visually attractive but also fully functional. As designers, webmasters have a high level of creative and project oversight responsibility for the web development process. Upon completion of site creation, webmasters continue to maintain and develop the site and provide project management services during the entire process. Compared with pure web designers who solely focus on the beauty of a website, webmasters are much more competent since they actually see the site from a technical, aesthetic, functional, security, and most importantly, sales viewpoint.

4. What Google Webmaster Tools Give Us?

Answer :Google Webmaster Tools shows traffic for each keyword separately; it gives more information about website performance according to Google search query.

5. What Makes A Website Successful?

Answer :

o It has original or unique content

o It has useful content

6. What Are The Other Names Of Webmaster?

Answer :A webmaster also called a web architect, web developer, site author, website administrator, or website coordinator.

7. Who Is Webmaster?

Answer : A webmaster (from web and master) is a person responsible for maintaining one or many websites.

Webmasters may be generalists with HTML expertise who manage most or all aspects of Web operations. Depending on the nature of the websites they manage, webmasters typically know scripting languages such as JavaScript, ColdFusion, .NET, PHP and Perl.[citation needed] They may also be required to know how to configure web servers such as Apache HTTP Server (Apache) or Internet Information Services (IIS) and be a server administrator.[citation needed] Most server roles would however be overseen by the IT Administrator.

8. What Makes A Webmaster Successful?

Answer :

o You must be willing to work hard over a period of years.

o You need some talent, skill, knowledge or ability in your field.

o You need a passion for your work.

A website is not a shortcut to fame and fortune. If you work on one long enough, you'll realize that it's exactly like the real world.

9. How do I verify my site for Google Webmaster Tools?

Answer :Try the Meta Tag option. It never fails unless you do not have the ability to edit meta tags. Then you have bigger issues and I strongly recommend looking into fixing this.


1. What is a backlink?

ANSWER: Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage. When a webpage links to a any other page it is called a backlink a page with a lot of back links tent to rank higher on search engines

2. What is anchor text?

ANSWER: Anchor text is clickable text in hyperlink seo best practices dictate that anchor text be relevant to the page your linking to rather than generic text the underline text is the most common as it is web standard

3. What is a (1) do-follow (2) no-follow link?

ANSWER: 1) do follow = Do follow links allows Google all search engines to follow them and reach our website giving us link juice and back link if a webmaster is linking back to u with this link both search engines and humans will be able to follow you the best way to allow do follow link is allowing keyword in anchor text

   2) No follow link=No follow is an html attribute value used to instruct search engines bots that a hyperlink should not influence the link targets

 4. Types of backlinks?

 ANSWER: 1.dictionary link=the dictionary link is also known as a link of the websites categorized in different categories each website has details such keywords. Description, domain submitted with them

   2. Editorial link=an editorial link is a link that results from a site having good content and marketing techniques

   3. Blog comment link=blog comments links defines the relationship between blogs bloggers and blog readers

   4. Forum link=forums are good way to get theme based links as well as to attract right traffic for your site

   5. Guest post=guest posting is which you write article for a website and get a link to your site

   6. User profile pages=a user profile is a visual display associated with a specific user

5. Can paid links harm my ranking?

ANSWER: paid links or links from bad neighborhood son the web can hurt site rankings in Google

6. Are reciprocal links bad?

ANSWER: A few reciprocal links won’t harm websites and they may provide real value to your audience like most aspects of link building

7. What is a one-way link?

ANSWER: giving the link to a website and not getting the backlink from them is known as one way link building what is a site

8. What is three-way linking?

ANSWER: In three way linking site A would link to site which would link to site C

9. What is a site wide link?

ANSWER: A site wide links in the blog roll that is in the sidebar and appears on every page you can also get site wide links from being mentioned in the footer of a site

10. What is link velocity?

ANSWER: Link velocity is the rate at which others are linking back to your site building quality backlinks should be the main priority


                                                                        SEO TOOLS


Search Engine Optimization Checker For Any Site. A Single Click Is All That Is Needed To Analyse A Complete Site For The Search Engine Penalties And Verify The Best Search In The Search Process.

A} SEMrush.Com

SEM rush Is a Search Engine Optimization Tool That Searches for Your Keywords, Follows The Keyword Strategy Used By Your Competitors, Runs A Search Engine Optimization Check For Your Blog, Looks For Backlink Opportunities, And Much More. SEM rush Not Only Helps You Perform Day-To-Day Tasks, It Also Provides A Very In-Depth Analysis That Can Be Easily Integrated Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy And Can Significantly Improve Your Performance.

Features Are

Organic Research

• See Competitors’ Best Keywords

• Discover New Organic Competitors

• Observe Position Changes Of Domains

Advertising Research

• Uncover Your Competitors’ Ad Strategies and Budget

• Analyse Your Online Rivals' Ad Copies and Keywords

• Discover New Competitors in Ad Words and Bing Ads

• Localize Your Ad Campaigns

Display Advertising

• See Top Publishers and Advertisers

• Analyse Competitors' Display Ads

• Spot New Publishers

• View Displays from Different Devices


• Conduct A Deep Link Analysis

• Understand Referring Domains' Authority

• Check Backlinks' Types

• Spot Your Links' Relocation

Keyword Research

• Find the Right Keywords for SEO and Ppc Campaigns

• Gather Phrase Matches and Related Keywords

• Get Long-Tail Keywords

• Explore Multinational and Multilingual Environments

Product Listing Ads

• Define Your Product Listing Ads Competitors

• Get Insight into Your Competitor’s Product Feeds

• See Your Competitor’s Best-Performing Pals

Keyword Difficulty

• Find Keywords with Less Competition

• Estimate Keyword Difficulty Instantly

Domain vs. Domain

• Set Side-By-Side Domains Comparisons

• See Domains Common and Unique Keywords

• Visualize Data


• Compare Domains with Key Visibility Indicators

• Conduct Competitive Analysis in Only A Few Clicks


• Gather All the SEM rush Data In One Elegant Custom Pdf Report

• Design Your Report Using Branding and Commenting Features

• Share and Schedule Your Reports to Go Out On a Regular Basis

Keyword Magic Tool

• Get Over 2 Million Keyword Ideas

• Use Keyword Grouping To Segment Your Keywords by Topic

• Pick the Best Keywords and Save Them in Keyword Analyser

• Export Your Selected Keywords To Other SEM rush Tools

• Create Up To 50 Target Keyword Lists

Position Tracking

• Track Your Positions for Any Keyword

• Discover Local Competitors

• Group Keywords with Tags

• Target Different Devices

Site Audit

• Check Your Site’s Health with Our SEO Analysis Tool

• Prioritize SEO Issues and Decide What to Fix First

• Track SEO Optimization Progress

• Find and Fix Hreflang Mistakes

• Ensure The Security Of Your Website With Https Checks

• Detect All Possible Amp Implementation Issues

Social Media Tracker

• Develop a Winning Social Media Strategy

• Track and Analyse Results

• Build Amazing Reports

Social Media Poster

• Post to Facebook and Twitter from One Place

• Schedule Posts and Manage Your Schedules

• Save Time on Social Media Management By Using Advanced Features

• Analyse Your Content Performance

Brand Monitoring

• Monitor Your Brand Reputation

• Discover New Opportunities

• Track Backlinks

• Learn From Your Competitors

On Page SEO Checker

• Analyse Google Ranking Factors Affecting Your Website’s Performance

• Get Actionable Recommendations Based On Collected Data

• Carry Out An In-Depth Comparative Analysis Of Google’s Top 10 Performers

Backlink Audit Tool

• Find All Your Backlinks Using the Search Console Integration

• Discover and Remove Potentially Dangerous Backlinks

• Send Toxic Backlinks to the Google Disavow Tool

• Keep Your Backlink Profile Clean With Regular Recrawls

Organic Traffic Insights

• Unlock the ‘Not Provided’ Keywords

• Merge Analytics and Search Console Data

• Analyse Keyword Potential

Content Analyser

• Assess Your Website’s Content

• Measure the Content You Publish Externally

• Compare the Performance of Different Content Pieces

PPC Keyword Tool

• Collect Keywords through Multiple Channels

• Manage and Optimize Keyword Lists

• Get Rid Of Cross-Group Negative Keywords

• Polish Your Keyword List with Recommendations

B} SEO site check-up

SEO site check-up Aims to Facilitate Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Improve the Quality of Professional Search Engines and Control Sensitive SEO Sites. Make The Tools Intuitive And Easy To Understand.

Features Are:

*General Analysis

Perform A Full SEO Check-Up Simply By Entering Your Website Address In The Search Box. Before Hitting ‘Go’ You Can Narrow Your Performance Search By Specific Factors In The Drop Down Box, Or You Can Leave The [Select All Factors] Box Checked To Get A Full Report On The Performance Of Your Website.

*White Label SEO

White Label Reports Create A Detailed Report On Your Website Or On Your Client's Site. Many SEO Specialists Who Monitor Client Sites Are Responsible For Submitting A Detailed SEO Report Each Month To Show Progress, Draw Attention To Vulnerable Areas And Provide Solutions To Any Problems That May Arise. Accessing A Full White Label SEO Report Makes It Easier For You Not Only To Keep Your Site Organized And Running At Its Best But Simply By Clicking The Mouse, You Can Access A Full Report On Any Of Your Clients' Websites.

You Can Also Upload Your Own Logo So That When You Move The Report To A Customer, It Displays Your Company Information At The Top Of The Page.

*Site Loading Speed

The Speed Of Loading On Your Site Is Not Only Important To Your Visitors But Also To Search Engines. One Of The Things That Google Analyzes When Evaluating Your Website Is The Bounce Rate. It Does Not Matter If You've Done Everything Well, If Your Page Loads Very Slowly, Visitors Will Leave the Page before Seeing It Completely. This Affects The Bounce Rate, Which Makes It Appear Unrelated To Google, And The Unsupported Sites Are Sent To Inactive Pages, Or Not Placed On The Serp At All.

*Website Monitor

Have You Received Emails From Customers Who Say Your Site Is Not Working Properly Or Not? It May Be Frustrating To Know That You Are Losing Customers And Potential Profits Because You Have Not Been Alerted To An Outsourced Server. With Website Monitoring Tool, You Can Monitor Your Site At Intervals Of 15 Minutes Or Configure A Visual Monitoring Session At An Hour, Night Or Even Week.

*Broken Links on the Site:

Big Sites Consist Of Links, Links And More Good Links! It Can Be Exhausting To Try To Keep Up With All The Links On The Site, So The Smaller Turn Out To Be Overwhelming For Many Webmasters. The Broken Links Functionality Of A Website In The SEO Toolbox Lets You Quickly Check Your Website To See If There Are Broken Links. You'll receive a Detailed Report of All Tagged Links, Including Anchor Tags, Image Tags, Text Tags, and And Css Style Sheets.

For SEO Specialists Who Bear Responsibility For Many Sites For Customers, Time Spent Manually Checking Broken Links Is Not Only Tedious But Suction Profits. Yes, Most SEO Specialists Use Their Favourite Tools To Check Links, But Why Use Several Different Programs Or Sites When You Have Everything You Need?

*Site Map Generator

Google Understands How Well It Organizes Its Site, Makes It Easy For Visitors To Access Everything It Offers And Is Professionally Linked. The More Time A Visitor Spends Searching For Something In Their Location, The Less Time It Will Have In Their Location. This Is Not New News, And For Most Webmasters, The Task Of Organizing A Site Is Simple. But For Some, It Is One Of The Most Difficult Tasks To Accomplish, Especially If More Pages Are Added On A Regular Basis.

Instead Of Returning And Manually Creating A Sitemap, Let The Developer Of The Sitemap Do It For You. You Can Have Included Up To 500 Links, And With A Simple Click Of The Mouse, A Sitemap. Xml File Is Created That Can Be Placed In The Root Folder On Your Server.

*Background Checker

Backlinks Were A Big Debate About The Problems, But Still, They Are Important For The General Search Engine Optimization Of Their Websites. Webmasters Still Use Backlinks, But They Are Becoming More Aware Of The Importance Of Monitoring Them. The Backend Control Provides A Quick Overview Of All Backward Links On Your Site, As Well As Domain And Page Rank Authority. You Can Also See The Latest Update On The Page At A Glance.

C}Mozbar (Moz Local, Open Site Explorer, And Keyword Difficulty Checker)

Mozrank Defines The Popularity Of The Link, Which Is The Moz Version Of Google's Classic PageRank Algorithm. Pages Get A Mozrank Based On Other Linked Web Pages And Mozrank For Those Link Pages. The More Mozrank From The Link Pages, The More Mozrank The Page Receives Those Links. In This Way, It Reflects Some Kind Of Unrestricted Linking Rights To Any Particular Web Page On The Internet.

*Understand Your Visitors

• How Do People Search For Your Products/Services? Knowing The Keywords You Use And The Questions Asked Can Help You Create High-Quality Content.

• Strategic Keyword Targeting With Keyword-Specific Accuracy And Difficulty Metrics.

• Save Keyword Lists That You Can Crawl And Update If Necessary.

*Track Your Rankings

• To See What Works, You Must Carefully Track How Your Keywords Are Ranked. With Moz Pro, You Can Also Track Your Competitors.

• Learn What Researchers Are Looking For Worldwide By Tracking Local And National Searches

• Get A Comprehensive Picture Of How Your Keywords Are Ranked Using Our Search-Level Insights

*Track And Review Your Sites

• It Is Not Always Easy To Detect Harmful Problems. Our Tracking Program Explores Every Corner Of Your Site To Find It And Show How To Fix It.

• Enjoy Peace Of Mind While Moz Pro Looks For Problems That Prevent Search Engines From Crawling Your Entire Site

• Alerts Let You Know That You're The First To Know When There Are Problems On Your Site So You Can Fix Them Quickly.

*Improve Your Pages

• Moz Pro Will Ensure That You Have The Maximum Ability To Rank Your Target Keywords By Checking The Content Of Your Pages And Recommending Specific Improvements.

• Spend Your Time In Places You Care About A Lot With Priority Recommendations To Improve Page Optimization

• Find Out What Content Should Then Be Created With Your Other Secret Page-Based Custom Bids For Your Keywords.

*Find Link Opportunities

• Links Are Critical To Effective Search Engine Optimization. Moz Pro Will Help You Find New Features And Maximize The Impact You Already Have.

• Gain Trust In Links To Proprietary Metrics Such As Page Power, Domain Authority, And Spam Points

• Make Sure Your Competitors Are Not Gaining Ground By Knowing Where You Are Getting Links.

*Create Custom Reports

• Your Business Is A Tremendous Value. Moz Pro Can Help You Prove It Easily.

• Draw The Most Compelling Image By Customizing Pdf Reports With Drag-And-Drop Units And Annotations

• Save Time By Scheduling Periodic Reports Sent Directly To Customers And Stakeholders.

Moz Offers Dozens Of Tools And Valuable SEO Resources. You Can Also Reach The Largest SEO Community On The Web. With Its Highly Flexible Pricing Scheme Featuring A Wide Range Of Innovative Marketing, Moz Can Just Help All The Companies That Generate And Retain Customer Traffic. Here Are Some Key Benefits Of This Advanced Search Marketing Platform:

Weekly Crawls for Your Website

Moz Web Application Keeps Track Of Your Website Every Week And Teaches You Of Problems That Can Affect Performance. Oversees The Ranking Of All Important Keywords In Search Engines Using Their Audience. This Gives You More Time To Spend On Optimization.

Optimization On the Page

The Moz App Provides A Series Of Practical Recommendations For Your Website. It Helps You Understand Where Things Might Have Gone Wrong And Gives Clear Instructions On What To Correct To See Immediate Results.

Competitive Analysis

Moz Helps You Monitor Your Competitors. You Can Use Open Site Explorer, A Popular Tracking Of Moz, Just A Pro Web And Web Application That Monitors The Rankings Of Your Competitors And Metrics Linker To Help You Get An Advantage On The Search Results Page.

Continuous Improvement

Moz Monitors Key Metrics So You Can Keep Track Of Your Success. The Company Continues To Optimize Web Applications With New Functions And Features Every Month.

Keyword Difficulty Tool

Moz Offers Detailed Top Rated Pages Analyzing Your Website. You Can Use This Information To Improve Your Content Strategy And Prioritize Keyword Optimization.


Search For Keywords Is An Exercise Used By Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Professionals To Search And Search For Alternative Search Terms That People Enter Into Search Engines When Searching For A Similar Topic. Keyword Search Is A High-Value And High-Performing Activity In Search Marketing.

A} Google Keyword Planner

Features Are:

*Discover New Keywords

Start By Searching For Words Or Phrases Related To Your Products Or Services. Keyword Planner Finds The Keywords That Are Most Relevant To Your Company, Which You Can Then Choose To Add To Your Plan.

*Compare Keyword Trends.

Get Estimates For Suggested Offers And See How Frequently Your Keyword Searches Are Searched And How Your Search Volume Changes Over Time. This Way, You Can Refine Your Keyword List And Set Your Budget For The Keywords You Really Want.

*Create And Share Your Plan.

When You Have A Plan You Want, You Can Save It In Your Account Or Share Your Plan With Others. Then, You Can Create Ad Groups And Set Bids For Each Keyword Before Activating Your Campaign.

B} LSI Keywords

The Keyword LSI Is A Keyword Associated With A Keyword. In Short, LSI Keywords Are Keywords That Are Usually Associated With A Keyword. In The SEO Context, These Are The Keywords We Should Use In Their Content To Help Search Engines Understand Their Content Better. In Fact, LSI Keywords Help You Increase Traffic From Your Free Search Engine And Improve Your Ranking

LSI Keywords Are Basically Keywords Related To The Keywords You're Looking For, And Google Uses Them With A System Known As LSI (Latent Indexing). In Short, It's Based On User Search Patterns And Behaviour, And How Keyword Search Is Usually Linked To Searching For Other Keywords.

C} Answerthequestion.Com

The Results Automatically Proposed By Google And Bing Are A Gold Mine For Marketing Experts Today. As You Type, A Total Display Of Questions Is Presented, Thus Indicating The Motives And Emotions Of The People Behind Each Query. It May Be One Of The Best Sources Of Research But Less Commonly Used For Content Ideas.


A} Google Analytics

Google Analytics Is Google's Free Web Analytics Service That Tracks And Advertises Website Traffic And Is Currently A Platform Within The Google Platform Brand. Google Launched The Service In November 2005 After Obtaining Urchin.

Google Analytics Is Now The Most Widely Used Web Analytics Service On The Web. Google Analytics Also Provides An Sdk That Lets You Collect Usage Data From Ios And Android Apps, Known As Google Analytics For Mobile Apps.

B} Google Search Console Or Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster Tools (Google Webmaster Tools) Is A Free Web Service From Google For Webmasters. It Allows Webmasters To Check Indexing Status And Improve The Visibility Of Their Sites.

As Of May 20, 2015, Google Has Changed The Name Of Google Webmaster Tools, Such As Google Search Console. In January 2018, Google Introduced A New Version Of Search Console, With A Refreshed User Interface And Enhancements.

It Has Tools That Allow Webmasters:

• Submit And Check The Sitemap And Also Help Site Owners Check If There Is An Error In Your Sitemap.

• Check And Configure The Tracking Frequency, And See Statistics About When Googlebot Enters A Particular Site.

• Type And Verify Your Robots.Txt File To Help Detect Blocked Pages In Your Robots.Txt File.

• Lists The Internal And External Pages Associated With The Site.

• Obtain A List Of Links That Googlebot Encountered Difficulty Tracking, Including The Error Googlebot Received When Accessing The Urls In Question.

• See What The Keyword Search On Google Led To The Site Mentioned In The Serps, And Click The Rates On Those Lists. (Formerly Called "Search Queries", Renamed On May 20, 2015, As "Search Analytics" With Expanded Device Filtering Capabilities, Search Types, And Date Periods).

• Create A Preferred Domain (For Example, Prefer Example.Com Via Www.Example.Com Or Vice Versa), Which Determines How To Display The Site's URL In Serps.

• Highlight Google Search Elements For The Structured Data Used To Enrich Search Results Entries (Launched In December 2012 As The Google Data Highlighter).

• Reduce Links To Sites For Particular Search Results.

Receive Notifications From Google For Manual Penalties.

• Provide Access To The Api To Add, Change, Delete Lists And Enumerate Tracking Errors.

• Rich Cards: A New Section Has Been Added To Get A Better Experience For Mobile Users.

• Check For Security Problems If There Is Anything With The Site. (Pirated Attacks Or Malicious Attacks)

• Add Or Remove Website Owners And Associations.


Creating Links Can Increase The Number Of High-Quality Links That Point To A Website, Which In Turn Increases The Likelihood Of A Website Ranking High In Search Engine Results. Link Building Is Also One Of The Proven

Marketing Techniques To Increase Brand Awareness.


Get A Summary Of Key Performance Indicators

The GTM etrix Reports Page Clearly Summarizes Your Page Performance according To the Key Indicators of Page Load Speed.

• Analyse Your Page with Google Page Speed and Yahoo! Yslowrulesets

• Get Load Time For Your Page, Total Page Size, And The Total Number Of Requests

• See Your Page's Performance Relative To The Average Of All Sites Analysed In GTM etrix

Track Performance With Monitoring, Graphs And Alerts

Keep A Record Of Page Performance With Programmed Supervision And Visualization With Interactive Graphics. Set Up Alerts To Let You Know When Your Page Is Performing Poorly.

• Monitor Pages And Perform Daily, Weekly Or Monthly Testing To Ensure Optimum Performance

• Visualize Performance Using 3 Available Graphs: Page Load Time, Page Size, Number Of Applications, And Page Speed And Yslow Results

• Zoom In And Zoom Out And Set A Range Of Dates To Find The Selected Performance Record

• Record Areas Of Interest On Your Chart And Give Context To Your Data

• Set Alerts That Contain Many Conditions Based On Pagespeed / Yslow Degrees, Page Load Time, Total Page Size, And So On.

Test Your Multi-Region Page

Page Load Analysis For Your Site From 28 Servers In 7 Different Regions Around The World:

Vancouver, Canada

London, United Kingdom

Sydney, Australia

Dallas, United States

Mumbai, India

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hong Kong, China

Analyse Your Page On A Real Android Device

GTM etrix Transmits Your URL Through A Real Android Device To Get Real-World Performance Data About Your Page Load (Available Only In The Vancouver Area, And No Access To Monitoring And Api Access).

• Get Mobile Performance Data In The Real World, Without Emulation!

• Optimize Your Site For Mobile Users And Ensure Fast Page Load Time On All Devices

You Can Simulate Hardware, Change Screen Resolution, And More By Using The Developer Toolkit

Bronze, Silver And Gold Pro Users Can Access The Developer's Toolkit, Which Offers More Advanced Analysis Options:

• Simulate A Device To Bring Websites Closer To Popular Mobile Devices, Such As iPhones And iPads

• Change The Screen Resolution To Test Responsive Designs For Your Page

• Modify The User Agent String Or Add Dns Dedicated To Test/Development Environments

• Create Presents To Test Quickly With Frequently Used Options

• Also Available As A Supplement To The Professional Plans

The Play Page Loads In Videos

You Can Record Loads On Your Page And Determine Exactly Where The Bottlenecks Or Obstacles Occur.

Reduce Operating Speed Up To 4 Times The Original Speed To Determine Loading Problems

• Go To The Main Download Stages Of The Page, Such As Dns Resolution, First Bytes And Dom Load

• Merge Them With Supervised Alerts And Save A Video To Load The Page Launched By The Alert (Only Available To GT Metrix Pro Users)

• Watch Your Page Load In The Slideshow And Get The Frame View Of The Page Load In Real Time.