8 ways to social media marketing plan

8 ways to Social Media Marketing plan

 8 ways to Social Media Marketing plan 

Social media is very active and fast moving domain . What is consider to be update today can be a bygone in the virtual world tomorrow. It is very important for anyone to set a guidelines about what is their objectives | Goals of a product | services or business. Let’s understand 8 ways to Social Media Marketing Plan.

1. Choose carefully - Your social media platform

There are dozens – if not hundreds - of Social Media applications, and new ones are appearing on the horizon every day. It is always being told you to be active on social media , which eventually leads to lack of time to concentrate on your core business or you need to hire an employee for managing your presence on social media.

Choosing the right social media for any given purpose depends on the target group to be reached and the message to be communicated. Usually, each social media applications attract certain set of people and understanding which set of people are present in that applications helps you to be in alignment for your customers.

For example, if you main target audience are book lover, a Content Community | Groups via where users share self -written novels | poems are best suited for you.

2. Ensure Activity Alignment

Tip – One goal of Communication is the resolution of ambiguity and reduction of uncertainty, and nothing is more confusing than contradiction message on different channels.

Sometimes, we decide to rely on various social media, or a set of different applications with the same group, in order to have the largest reach. In this case, it is utmost important is that our social media activities should be in alignment with each other across different platform .

3.Media Plan Integration

Whether it is Traditional marketing or digital marketing, creating presence in different channels helps you to reach your target audience effectively. Which means “ Integration is Key “

For Example- AO.com (Innovation)

AO.com sells white goods to UK households and, by all accounts, does a pretty good job of it. The company used social media platform a lot and they believed into creating a well developing social media strategy.

 AO.com’s primary human interaction with customers occurs via their delivery teams, so that many of the compliments or negative posts they receive on social media relate to the professionalism and friendliness, or otherwise, of their delivery teams.

AO.com has an integrated social media strategy, which means their customer service team understands and works closely with Marketing. As a result, they saw this both as a challenge and an opportunity, asking instead a broader question: ‘How can we ensure that our customers have a great deliver experience and how can we amplify this to attract more customers?’

As a direct result they created a hard-copy Drivers Feedback Book, to be published every two weeks by the Customer Service team, containing positive and negative comments posted to the AO.com Facebook page. It’s a collection of verbatim customer comments, with diver names included, if they’re mentioned.

This has led drivers to be both hyper-aware of their behaviour with customers and, crucially, to actively ask customers to post about their positive experiences on Facebook. This has driven a wave of Facebook testimonials and, inevitably, a flow of new customer enquiries. From a service challenge, emerges a marketing result.(Source - oursocialtimes.com)

4. Be Active

If you want to develop a relationship with someone, it is always recommended to take the lead and to be active. Social Media is the same, its all about sharing and interaction, so ensure that your content is always fresh and that you engage in discussions with your customers.

Consider the aforementioned blog kept by Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz. Via this outlet, the figurehead discusses–—on an ongoing basis–—his corporate strategy, new product development projects, and company values, and replies directly to correspondence received.(Source - http://michaelhaenlein.com/)

 In considering your Social Media efforts, be aware that firm involvement must extend beyond responding to negative comments and defending product offerings. Social Media is less about explaining why you are better than your competitors or why you should buy their product or services, it is about engaging others in open and active conversation.

It’s about creating Brand presence in the grey matter( minds) of your prospective clients.

5.Be interesting

Let’s face it: if you are coming as an interesting person, nobody would be interested in talking to you. Similar way, if you would like your customers to engage with you, you need to give them a reason for doing so–—one which extends beyond saying you are the best in your field.

The first step is to listen and understand to your customers. We need to figure out what they would like to listen; what they would like to speak or talk about; what they might find interesting and valuable. Then, create , develop and post content that fits those expectations.

6.Be humble

Always remember that Social Media existed before you thought to engage in them; indeed, in many cases, even before you knew about their existence.

In this light, do not expect that you know better how to use them than others who have spent countless hours on Facebook or Instagram or twitter or any other.

For example. Before you enter any application, first take some time to discover it and to learn about its history and basic rules. Only once you have gained the necessary understanding, start your participation.

7 . Be Unprofessional :

Many times in life, it not usually the handsome guy who ends up with the smart girl, but rather the clumsy and charming one.

The same goes for Social Media, and firms would be wise to avoid overly-professional content offerings. There’s no need to spend thousands to design for social media presence, or hire a professional writer to manage your corporate blog.

Instead, try to blend in with other users and don’t be afraid to make mistakes! ( be careful what mistake not to be made on Social Media)

Social Media users are people like you, who understand that things do not always go smoothly. And, if you’re nice to them, they may even give you free advice on how to do it better the next time.

8. Be honest

To be a good runner in social media platform , one must be honest and he should definitely respect the rules of the game.