earn extra from digital marketing while working in a company

Earn extra from Digital Marketing while working in a company

5 ways to earn extra income from Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a technique used for promoting products or services with the help of the internet by using different digital technologies.

As a Digital marketer there are different ways to earn money in part-time. A person can earn money from Digital Marketing whether he is working for another company. It can be done as a part-time job. There are many sources to earn money through Digital marketing.

1.Create a Your YouTube channel.

A lot of peoples is now earning money from YouTube blogging. So it is one of the best ways to earn money from Digital marketing. The first thing you should do is of course to create a YouTube channel. Choose your channel name carefully. It should be something easy and memorable so that people can remember your channel name easily. After that, you have to find your own topics and discover your unique style.

So for receiving money from YouTube, you should set up a Google Ad Sense account. Without a Google Ad Sense account, you can't make money. You can monetize your content and make money from your videos. So for monetizing your channel just go to my channel click on the video manager link click on the channel again and click enable on monetization. So YouTube will start to place ads on your videos.

So one thing you need to remember is you need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to start earn money from YouTube. So this way you can start to earn money from YouTube.

2.Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of making money as a commission by selling other company’s products or services. So it is also one of the ways to earn money with the help of Digital marketing. How it works is if you are referring a product to a customer and if they are buying it from you then you are getting a commission from that purchase. It is 100% free to start affiliate marketing. So one thing you should keep in mind is to choose a nice market. The product that you are choosing should be something that you are passionate about. Why because you will be creating content about that particular product. So the product should be something that you are well known about. So select a proper product first. There are different websites where you can do affiliate marketing. The below are some affiliate marketing channels that I would like to refer you.

1. Amazon affiliate marketing

2. Shopify affiliate marketing

Social media marketing

This is also one of another way you can to earn money from Digital marketing. Taking projects of other company as a freelancing work earn money. Social media has become a marketing platform now. Social media network like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc.. are now opened for advertising and many companies are using social media to market product and services and grow their business.

So getting freelance work is not a tougher part now. There are many websites like uptime, Fiver where companies provide freelancing works. You can find it online itself. Managing ads for other company sharing content through their social media platforms are things what you can do. There are also different objectives for marketing on social media like brand awareness, lead generation, website traffic. So according to the customer’s need, you can start doing ads on social media platforms and earn money.

3.Content writing

Content writing is also one of the powerful ways to earn money from Digital marketing. For websites, blogs, social media you can write content and earn money. All you want is a good language and a knowledge in Digital marketing. You should write SEO friendly contents so for that you need a knowledge in Digital marketing.  You can do it as freelance work. Where there are different sites to get the freelance works which i have mentioned above in the topic social media marketing.

4.Writing Blogs

Blogging is also a method used in Digital marketing to earn money. You can take a Google Ad Sense approval and write blogs. There are different types of Blogs you can write. For example, if you are a travel enthusiast you can write blogs related to travel. This method has become very popular. Different types of blogs are a Fashion blog, Travel blog, Food blog, Sports blog, Lifestyle blogs etc... So starting a word press website and writing blogs in it is not a tougher part now. Also, there are different blogging sites like bloggers.com, medium.com


Search engine optimization is a technique used to rank your webpage in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Msn

This is also a way to earn extra money. You can work on the website of different companies in on page optimization and off page optimization and get a search engine ranking. There are also different factors which comes under the search engine optimization which will be come to learn while doing a Digital marketing course.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising. So taking this as a freelancing work you can earn money. Most of the people use google search engines for searching in internet. So that people who know Digital marketing will be familiar with Google ad words. So using that platform you can do search engine marketing.

There are a lot of people who have done blogging as a part-time job and made blogging as their career itself. They are earning lakh of money from blogging itself. One among that person is Harsh Agarwal. He worked in a call center at the beginning. So he started blogging as a part-time. Later he has become a professional in blogging. So people working in another company can also start digital marketing as their part-time job. People like Harsh Agarwal great is inspiration for us. Let’s have a check on his story about growing his career in blogging. Click here to read the story of Harsh Agarwal

So are you excited now to earn money from Digital marketing. Become a expert in Digital marketing.

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