4 ways to convert traffic to potential leads.

4 ways to convert traffic to potential leads.

As a blogger, you want more people to read your posts so that you can present your ideas to more traffic. Their comments, reviews, and ideas keep you walking even though there might be some daunting days when blogging seems difficult for you. The most important thing for a blogger is their subscriber or the readers. Many people don’t know how to convert their audience to the subscriber who will always keep a track of their blog and stay updated. One of the best ways to use the online platform and earn money is by converting the traffic into potential leads and then promoting a product or service to them via email marketing or a follow-up phone call. This is also called Inbound marketing

Another best way to attract traffic to a website is via content marketing. Engaging content through blogging, social media, and email marketing can bring more traffic. However, in this post, we will not deal with how to attract traffic but rather we will talk about how to convert that traffic into potential leads.

Here are few tips and tricks which might help you to convert your audience into leads.

1. Landing pages:

Landing pages are one of the vital factors to drive more traffic to your website. When you have a landing page for your website, you can actually lay emphasis about your site and at the same time, you can collect information about the user. Effective landing pages can produce traffic of around 60-70% more than normal.

Lead Generation Landing Pages:

Lead generation landing pages are used to get information of the visitor. We can get details like name, email id, phone number from the landing page. Some examples of lead generation pages are:

1) Unbounce: Unbounce is the world’s most sophisticated landing page builder. Unbounce lets you build landing pages which can help you build, publish and A/B test without the help of professionals.

2) Lander: Lander allows you to build professional landing pages and optimizing the page for free.

3) Instapage: This is one of the most powerful which will create your landing page and bring traffic to your page.

4) Optimizely: This is another software tool which can be used to produce optimized results for your landing page.

5) Kickofflabs: Smarter landing pages, opt-in forms, and email marketing can be done easily using Kickofflabs.

2. Notification Bars:

Notification bars are the full wide banner which stays on the top of everything and such bars can be configured to stick to the top even when people scroll down the website. These bars are helpful to convert traffic to leads because these are good attention grabbers. One such example,HelloBar.com is a good solution for notification bars.

3. Unblockable Popups:

Unblockable popups are essential for converting traffic to leads. These popups are unblockable and are responsible for converting at least 2% to 10% of traffic to leads. There are various plugins. One such plugin is Popup Domination in WordPress.

4. Welcome Redirects:

If you can redirect old visitors to your page again, it can create more visitors. It is possible to redirect the first-time visitors of your blog to a landing blog for something like newsletter or an e-book. There are many plugins in WordPress with the help of which new visitors and returning visitors will see your home page. Quick Sprout has launched a free plugin called Welcome Redirect.

Though there are different techniques to lead generation but the concept remains unchangeable- content is the king and it can attract visitors to your website. The above-mentioned techniques can prove beneficial for you.

If you know any other technique for lead generation, comment on the comment section below.

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