sketch your career with sketch career

Sketch Your Career with Sketch Career

While everyone is moving towards the digital world, you should buck up and look forward to join hands in the digital era. With the upcoming job openings in the digital marketing field, people are finding more and more reasons to join digital marketing training.

Every company needs digital marketing professionals. Be it Accenture, IBM, Infosys, Paytm, Cognizant, Phillips, TCS, Dabur etc. and many more to be added to the list are using digital marketing techniques. Learning digital marketing which covers so many topics, including SEO, Social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, and analytics can prove to be a life enriching lesson for you.

While you may be a fresher, or an experienced professional or an entrepreneur who wants to grow your business, all can be done in just one step- DIGITAL MARKETING. Anyone can learn digital marketing but it covers a wide range of topic. If you start learning digital marketing, you might get entangled and not know how to proceed further. But if you have professional help, then you can learn the same things with less effort and it will have better productivity.

Sketch career is one such professional digital marketing institute in Koramanagala which can help you learn digital marketing in quick and easy ways.

The best thing about our learning curriculum is that it provides its entire student a free domain. Web hosting is free for all the esteemed students. When you have a website on your own name, you actually become the owner of the website! No other institute provides you the website hosting facility. This enables you to work on your own website with 100% practical approach. Our trainers make sure that they teach you from the basics which include-

• Understanding the basic of website creation

• Detailed approach towards Wordpress.

• Booking a domain name using sites like Godaddy

• Webhosting which is completely free of cost.

• Adding web pages and content

• Adding plugins and creating a professional website.

After you host a website, our digital marketing training institute makes sure that you learn nook and corner about digital marketing. The huge area of digital marketing will be covered in a 60-hour session by our professional training experts who have been working in this field since years. Their proficient knowledge can help you build a website and along with that learn all the prospects of digital marketing. We will cover all the topics one and one and you can implement that on your own website.

You can use your website and optimize it to get better rankings in the Google page through the use of Search Engine Optimization. You can learn-

• How to optimize your contents?

• What are keywords?

• How to do on page and off page optimization?

• How to write SEO based contents?

• Link Building

• Google Panda

• Google Penguin

• How to create SEO strategy for your business and many more?

You will have a practical approach to all the topics through your website.

There are many students who have built their own website with the help of our professionals. They are absolutely happy about this digital marketing training at Sketch career because they can work on the website of their choice. Some have chosen cars, while some has prepared fashion blog, some other is working on their business website- but everyone has created their own website which made them learn everything about digital marketing

Social media marketing which is of vital importance can be learned and implemented while you are on your training days. Trust me, you can publish and promote your own website on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. You can earn visitors from ‘Oh’ to ‘Wow’ during the training period itself.

You can learn

• What is social media marketing?

• Facebook marketing

• Facebook advertising

• Fan engagement

• LinkedIn marketing

• Twitter marketing

• Video marketing

• Display ads

After being a social media marketer, you can know how to deal and handle social media just with the click of your fingers. Life will become so easy if people can know your brand. You can increase your sales and hike your income.

You might have noticed that you get emails from various organizations. They will keep you updated on their website. This helps in the engagement of the traffic. This can be learned during the digital marketing training. You can open your own account and invite people via mail so that they are updated on your website blog. This marketing can convert leads and improve your business.

• What is email?

• How to send bulk emails?

• Setting up email marketing account

• Creating broadcast emails

• What are auto responders?

• How to set auto responders?

• Improving ROI with A/B testing

• Converting leads into sales

• Understanding lead funnel

• Steps in lead nurturing

Organic searches ie SEO sometimes takes time to bring visitors to your website but you can bring visitors fast and convert your leads to sales. Sounds interesting? We can teach you everything which will improve your inorganic search.

• What are Google Ad words?

• What is PPC or Paid Per Click?

• Understanding Ad words Algorithm

• What are CTR, CPA, and CPI?

• Creating campaigns

• Creating ads and tracking

• Optimizing search campaigns

• Remarketing

Once you have created your website, marketed your products, converted your leads to sales, now it’s time to recognize and keep a track where from your lead is generating, or which area has more attraction towards your website. You can keep a track of everything just using your internet because digital marketing enables you to know all aspects about your customers.

You can learn

• Introduction to Google Analytics

• How does it work?

• Setting up an account

• How to setup goals?

• How to reduce bounce rates?

• Importance of funnels

• How to integrate ad words and analytics?

• Link tagging

• Understanding filters and segments

• Monitoring traffic

• Taking corrective actions

• Increasing conversion rate.

You must have heard that some bloggers earn huge amount by blogging. Wait.

You can earn too. Earn while you learn- Sketch career follows this strategy because we teach you in and out of digital marketing. Affiliate marketing enables you to earn commission for your website through affiliate marketing.

• What is affiliate marketing?

• How to earn money through affiliate marketing?

• Affiliate marketing tips and tricks

Also learn

• Ad sense and blogging during the training. 

• How to get approval for ad sense?

• Placing ads on your blog

This digital marketing training in Sketch career provides you ample of opportunities to learn, experiment, build and launch your website in a professional way. Once your website is ready, you can implement everything in digital marketing in a practical manner. This intensive course will turn from amateur to professional.

At the end of the course, you will have

• Your own recognized website with a fan following or target audience reach,

• Google Certification,

• Google Analytics certification,

• Facebook certification 

• Industry recognized Sketch career certification.