Social media marketing training in Bangalore

Social media marketing training in Bangalore

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Social media marketing


In social media marketing course, the topics covered will be

? What is social media marketing

? Importance of social media marketing

? The scope of social media marketing

? Understanding different social media channels

? How to do SEO in Social media

? Social media marketing strategies

? How to create social media ads

? Types of campaigns

? Social media management tools


Facebook and Instagram

? Creating a Facebook page

? Creating business account on Instagram

? Connecting Facebook account with Instagram

? Promoting a Business

? Creating Facebook groups

? Creating facebook events

? Creating awareness ads

? Creating Remarketing Ads

? Creating Consideration Ads

? Creating Lead Generation Ads

? Creating Messenger Ads

? Creating messenger bots

? How to Create automated Messaging on Facebook



? What is twitter

? Twitter advanced search

? Metrics in twitter

? Different tools in twitter

? Messaging in twitter

? How to do retweet

? Importance of Hashtags

? How to build followers on Twitter

? Twitter advertising



? Power of youtube

? SEO for youtube

? How to use the creative studio on YouTube

? Playlists, channels importance

? Monetizing Youtube channel for Adsense approval

? How to input your brand logos on youtube

? Youtube Advertising

? Youtube Analytics



? Introduction to Linkedin

? Importance of Linkedin

? Promoting business through Linkedin

? Lead generation

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